LightSpeed Sprint

What is LightSpeed Sprint?

Want a new and fun way to get your athletes to practice the skills they need to improve most? LightSpeed Sprint workouts can be tailored for athletes in any sport specialty including football, soccer, and field hockey just to name a few!

LightSpeed Sprint at Work

An introduction to LightSpeed Sprint in action.

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Pottsgrove High School Workout

V.I.P. Facility in Atlanta, GA

Product Specs

LightSpeed Sprint is completely customizable to fit your facilities and workout program.


High-intensity multicolored LED lights allow 9 athletes to use the system simultaneously.


Tripod-mounted, wireless infrared timing sensors are accurate to the 0.01 sec.


Each connectable light strip is 2.5 yards long, so coaches can customize the length to fit any facility.


Entire system controlled by an easy to use app remote control.

The App

The LightSpeed Sprint app allows you to create workouts by controlling LED light movement and timing sensor data.

The Workout Dashboard Screen allows you to control your workout and instantly view your results.

The Build LED Workout Screen allows you to view, replicate, edit and delete all the reps you have created before you begin your workout.

Use the Add a Rep Screen to customize each rep of your workout.

Latest Workouts

Check out the latest LightSpeed Sprint workouts from the DomTech team and from the coaches who are using it.

LightSpeed Sprint Workout 5: Base Running
September 20, 2017

Equipment Needed: 20-yards LightSpeed Sprint (2 control boxes), Ankle Shackles, large resistance bands, Speed Sticks, optional Roller ...

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LightSpeed Workout 4: Explosive Speed
September 11, 2017

Equipment Needed: 10-yards LightSpeed Sprint, Plyo box, ankle shackles This workout can be tailored to accommodate any number of at ...

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LightSpeed Sprint Workout 3: Stability and Coordination
August 09, 2017

Equipment Needed: 30 yards of LightSpeed Sprint light strips, one 12”-16” Plyo Box, barbell, dumbbell or plate weight. Each box ...

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