LightSpeed Fit

What is LightSpeed Fit?

Do you find it difficult to remain motivated when working out alone? Do you wish you had a workout partner guiding you to your goals? Ask your fitness center about implementing the LightSpeed Fit system today!

Product Specs

LightSpeed Fit is completely customizable to fit your facility’s needs.


High-intensity, multicolored LED lights are easy to see and make your facility look great!


Want to run at an uncommon pace? No problem! Use the app remote control to input a new light pace to fit your needs.

Screen Saver

Lights continuously run at common mile paces so anyone can jump on and use the unit at any time.


Our flexible silicone light casing can be manipulated to curve around any track and is highly durable to handle tough wear and tear.

The App

Using the Apple or Android tablet remote control installed at your facility, you can enter your desired distance, pace, light color and countdown.

Press play to hear your countdown, then enjoy as you will be guided throughout your entire workout.

Multiple people can utilize the system simultaneously by choosing different light colors to guide them.

LightSpeed Fit in Action

Here is a video of our LightSpeed Fit unit in High Point University's Rec Center