Constantly testing your abilities is the key to redefining where your limits lie. LightSpeed is your personalized competitor that refuses to compromise. It pushes you to perform at your maximum potential every day, so you can achieve goals.

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Who is DomTech Sports?

DomTech is a sports technology company dedicated to improving athletic performance by aiding athletes in the never-ending endeavor for self-improvement. Our goal is to create a universally adaptable product that will allow athletes from all levels of ability, in many competitive sports, to benefit from personal speed training tools in order to create a more competitive and efficient practice environment.

Introducing: LightSpeed

LightSpeed used LED technology to create a competitive and exciting workout environment that pushes your athletes to be their best. By using the smartphone app remote control, you can set the lights to move in a linear, multi-directional or random light pattern to put your entire team to the test.

The App

The LightSpeed app allows you to build workouts by controlling the light speed, distance, color and pattern.

Reps Mode – build workouts from saved rep types like the 5-10-5 or shuttles. Create any custom light pattern and add it to your saved list for quick access.

Rep Dashboard – control the way you play reps to match your workout style and group size.

Manual Control – pre-record or randomly play single light and streaming light patterns for reaction training.



“LightSpeed is an efficient and fun way to work hard.”

Jason Williams & Dondre Lewis-Freeman – Velocity Charlotte


“LightSpeed is an easy yet exciting way to conquer goals you never would have thought were attainable.”

Mikaela Campbell – USATF & Under Armour summer intern


“Working with LightSpeed is like playing a game. It adds a fun, competitive challenge to workouts that I’ve been doing for years.”

Austin Miller – Track & Field Olympic Hopeful


“It’s an effective and motivating training tool for all of my clients, from the young and inexperienced to the developing pro.”

James Wilson – Track & Field Coach